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Focus Sessions will take place on Saturday morning during the conference, and will be an opportunity to learn and engage more deeply within a particular facet of pursuing justice. Each Session will have its own Zoom link, where students can go to hear from our Session leaders. Since these Sessions will be a bit more seminar style than our typical conference workshops, we encourage campus pods to have discussion times at the end of the session to process together everything you'll be learning. We will also create a platform for individuals to connect and discuss via Zoom if they are not in a pod with other students. We will also have a link to send in questions throughout and after the Sessions to get asked during our panel in the afternoon. This panel will give students a chance to hear from all of our Session leaders at once answering questions they are curious about throughout the weekend.


Delphina Johnson
Native Nations Network

"Biblical justice." This phrase has caught much attention and controversy in recent years. Within the church, ought this concept be the unifying? How do we find and understand what the Bible really says about God's justice? Watch concepts of justice emerge as Delphina teaches us how to search Scripture for ourselves with the goal of reaching solid conclusions. Along the way she'll share her own journey to understanding Biblical justice--you're not gonna want to miss this!


Serene Chua-Shake
Collegiate - Boston University

Lament is "a passionate expression of grief of sorrow," and that is exactly what many of us have been feeling the need for as we watch injustices unfold all around us. But how do we do that in a practical way? How do we lament injustices that we’ve endured and/or also caused others knowingly or unknowingly? We go to the Lord in prayer, who is big enough to handle it all, trusting in His heart for justice to lead us forward. In this Session, Serene will give us some practical tools and tips to pray honestly when it all feels a bit overwhelming. Join us to learn how to and to put into practice bringing our hearts and our brokenness before the Lord.


Josh Borunda
Collegiate - Texas State University
Sam Huxford
Collegiate - Florida International University

While processing our identity in Christ is paramount, understanding our ethnic identity is often neglected. These two facets of our identity may seem separate, but they are more parallel than we may think. Both require a journey of understanding the depths of what God intends. Join us as we seek to understand this journey, that we may help others in their discipleship journeys with their identity in Christ and ethnicity.


Susan Simpson - Navs Board of Directors (previously with NavsMissions in Russia)

Maybe you've been there: you and a friend are having a fun chat.... then it turns dicey when they bring up recent political or racial news. Their viewpoint on the situation vastly differs from yours and what you understand of Biblical justice. Now you have to decide your response. Do you take it head-on and demolish their arguments? Do you merely nod quietly to diffuse the tension you feel eeking from your whole body? Depending on your personality, one of those options may sound far less appealing. Join us as we learn what it means to engage hard conversations without alienating our friends, nor compromising truth.

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